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Artisty DIY framed print paper for your living room

I know its been awhile, I have been caught up, between work, studies, hustle and decorating my house, I tell you its not easy. I recently purchased a nice beautiful coach, and I think I have just been into it that I forgot I should be working here. Anyway, enough of that.

I have been thinking of fun and decorative ways of making my living room artisty (not sure if that’s a word), and I wanted something that was not expensive and also easy to do. So I downloaded a photo from the internet and printed it. Since I don’t know anything about hammers and wood, I took it to my local fundi and he framed for me.

I wouldn’t say this to be my really own DIY but most of the things you can probably do it for yourself.

This is the photo I downloaded from the internet
This is the photo I downloaded from the internet.

I downloaded the photo from the internet. To make it large and also for it to occupy a bigger space, I decided to crop to create 3 different photos as you will see below.

horses_love_infrared_by_michilauke-d4tnuau (2)

horses_love_infrared_by_michilauke-d4tnuau (3)

horses_love_infrared_by_michilauke-d4tnuau (4)

You can crop the photo with any application in your computer. I am using Windows 8 and it comes with these editing features.

I then printed my pictures in A3 papers and took them to my local fundi. For printing it was about 20 shillings per page so total it was about 60 shillings.

After a little bargain we decided to do the framing at 850 Kenya shillings so as you can see it is cheap and easy to do. After a few days I collected my frames and voila! I was

uhmm I totally love the effect of this photos.
uhmm I totally love the effect of this photos.


happy with the results :-))



If you have stayed upcountry or probably grew up there, you know that ropes are pretty essential. From tying your animals to fetching water from boreholes and also carrying water from the river. But we are not going to use our ropes this time for that hehehe. We are going to create a simple rope coil mat that can be used to add ensemble to your home or simply why not? For this project you will require;

  • A glue gun
  • A pair of scissors
  • Ropes
  • Glue sticks

Be careful especially when using the glue gun. You can burn your fingers!!

As shown the materials you will need
As shown the materials you will need


Cut your rope into desired sizes. Both big and small.

Using a glue gun coil your ropes to create different coil mats of different sizes.


Once you are done making different sizes of the mats you can arrange to the design according to your own taste.

Stick the different sizes of the the small mats to create a large DIY rope.

A final capture of the rope
A final capture of the rope coil mat

It’s that simple and easy to make.

As you can see I mixed different sizes of the small coil mats to create my final look.

You can also get creative by painting different shades that will match your outdoor or indoor appearance.

DIY pin up wall

My today’s project is quite simple and easy to recreate. If you have an empty wall that  you feel needs a little creativity then follow these easy steps.

Materials Needed.

  • 2  Black tapes
  • An empty wall
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some of your photos, you can print some from your phone at your local studio
  • Some inspirational messages from the internet.
Blank wall of my bedroom.
Blank wall of my bedroom.

As you can see from the above photo, this is a section of my bedroom wall that looks boring.

The wall after putting up my favorite photos and some quotes from the internet
The wall after putting up my favorite photos and some quotes from the internet

It looks beautiful and alive.

There is no formula in putting up the photos. Be as creative as you want to be. Instead of using a black tape, you can also use a red tape or a combination of both.

When you finish doing your project please feel free to share some of your photos and feel free to comment below and add any suggestions.

Did you like it? I sure did and it took only thirty minutes.

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